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Q: Can I or my child volunteer to work on the farm?

Sorry, we don't take on volunteers at the moment. There are several reasons for this but the most important is that working on a farm is dangerous. If you want your child to learn where food comes from, I recommend a community garden plot or helping out a friend in their back-yard garden. It's much safer and your child will have a much more pleasant experience.

Q: What are the farm stand hours?

The 2010 hours are Fridays from 12-6, Saturdays from 9-5 and whenever else we feel like drinking a beer by the side of the road. The farm stand will close for the season November 1, 2010

Q: Why do I have to order in advance? Can't I just swing by?

When it comes to running a farm of this size, efficiency is key. Because Rowan, Chuck and Nanette do almost everything on the farm, we don't have time to stop in the middle of a project to pick. As long as your order is in before 8 a.m., we should be able to get it out for you the same day.

Q: Do you have a CSA/Farm Share?

No. We call our system the "a la carte CSA". Over the years, Farm Shares have become expensive and generally provide far too much food for one family. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. By ordering a few items at a time, you will still be supporting a farm but there will be quite a bit less waste! Plus, if you go on vacation, you don't have to worry about losing food or money.

Q: Are your eggs organic?

No, our eggs are not technically organic. We feed them a mixture of commercial feed and organic greens off the farm. They are free range and happy, but if we used organic feed the eggs would be almost 3 times the price we currently charge.

Q: Can I get a tour of the farm?

Unfortunately, we cannot give tours of the farm. While I would love to show off what we're doing, I simply don't have time. We would rather get the produce into the field than stroke our own egos. We may set up a group tour in the future, but for now we're out somewhere working. :)

Q: Why is something listed as "Out of Stock"?

While we attempt to keep our crop rotations up to date, sometimes I mess up a planting. This can apply to almost any of our greens, especially the salad mix as it requires me to keep three types of greens growing simultaneously. I admit, I'm not perfect!

Q: Why is something listed as "Limited Availability"?

Limited availability is my fancy way of saying that we don't have a lot of a crop. I dislike having to tell a customer that we're sold out of an item they have ordered, but this gives you a heads-up that I may have to do so. You will usually see this in reference to high-demand crops such as blackberries, asparagus, and broccoli.

Q: Do you attend any Farmer's Markets?

No, we were members of the Boulder Farmer's Market for over 20 years. While we enjoyed our time there, the efficiency of running a farm stand on our own property has been driven home. Please feel free to stop by Fridays from 4-7, Saturdays from 11-5, and Sundays from 11-5 from April to November!

Q: Do you sell stewing chickens?

No. Once our hens stop laying, we let them live out the rest of their lives eating bugs and greens and just being chickens. Consider it a lovely retirement plan. :)

Q: May I set up a standing order for eggs?

Unfortunately, no. Rowan is the first to admit that she has great difficulty remembering to tie her shoes in the morning, let alone remember to pull an order. She hates letting anyone down and has learned from experience that is exactly what will happen.

Q: Can I pre-order to pick up at the Boulder Farmer's Market?

We are no longer attending the Boulder County Farmer's Market. Our produce is still available through our web site 7 days a week!

Q: The order page says you have __! Why isn't it at the stand?

Unfortunately, this item is probably sold out. The other option is that we have very limited quantities so they are reserved for our online customers. You can always pre-order this item for pickup at the fridge, just let us know when you would like to pick it up! :)

Q: When will the pumpkin stand open for the year?

The pumpkin stand should be open from October 1 to November 1, but these dates can change based on the weather. We always take Tuesdays off to get work done on the farm.

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