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Boulder Locavore - http://boulderlocavore.blogspot.com/

  • Our customer Toni's blog about eating local in Boulder - Includes a great review of Restaraunt 4580!




Conscious Coffees - http://www.consciouscoffees.com/

  • 100% Fairly Traded & 100% Organic Coffees. This company goes so far as to package all of their coffee in recyclable packaging and they recycle or compost all of their byproducts.

Herb's Meats & Specialty Foods - http://www.herbsmeats.com

  • A locally owned and operated butcher shop. Herb's provides all natural beef, pork, chicken, lamb and more. They also process big game and make their own sausage. The best choice for local meat!

Bundle Baby Shop - www.BundleBabyShop.com

  • A cloth diaper and baby goods shop here in Boulder. As a diaper service they deliver the highest quality diapers to families all over the Boulder and Denver metro areas in the most eco-friendly way possible (recycled plastic or cloth bags, bio diesel delivery van, 100% wind powered operation).



4580 - http://www.restaurant4580.com

  • You can frequently find Jay Hill Farm produce at this wonderful restaurant owned by Martin & Susan Hammer. Head chef Travis Messervey provides fantastic and innovative dishes while Martin can almost always be found hanging with his customers, providing the highest level of comfort and familiarity.

The Cork - http://www.bouldercork.com

  • A Boulder establishment, The Cork was founded in 1969. Head Chef Jim Smailer believes that all ingredients are gifts from the earth and the people who, with love, tend them. It is the chef's responsibility to prepare the food in a way that retains its integrity from source to table.

Potager - http://www.potagerrestaurant.com

  • This beautiful little restaurant is located in the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood. Head Chef and owner Teri Rippeto believes that the best tasting food is organically grown and harvested in ways that are ecologically sound and by people who are taking care of the land for future generations.




The Rocky Mountain Growers Directory - http://www.localsustainability.net/

  • This great directory lists local sources for just about anything you can imagine from honey to meat to dairy and eggs. If you're dedicated to going local this year, make sure to check out this awesome resource!

Julie Webster & Associates - http://www.julie-webster.com

  • Julie Webster & Associates provide clear and basic education on health, nutrition, and wellness offering realistic, proactive approaches on specific topics, empowering individuals to create proactively healthy lifestyles.

Culinary School of the Rockies - http://www.culinaryschoolrockies.com

      • Culinary School of the Rockies is committed to your learning, growth, and transformation, and believes that food offers one of the most important ways to connect with one another.

AcupunctureWorks - http://www.acupunctureworksboulder.com

    • At AcupunctureWorks patients are treated to gentle, yet highly effective Japanese style acupuncture treatments in a beautiful and peaceful setting. Acupuncturists, Ted and Livia Hall, include oriental bodywork, moxibustion,¬†practical nutritional advice and herbal prescriptions with their treatments. Areas of specialty include boosting the immune system, digestive disorders, gynecological issues, allergies, injury and pain, stress reduction and health maintenance!


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